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Thursday, October 4, 2012


Artemisia vulgare
Artemisia vulgare - NL: Bijvoet - F: Armoise

Mugwort is a powerful medicinal plant, that has been traditionally used for thousand of years. In China it is commonly used even as food and to make moxabustion - an important part of the Chinese Traditional healing methods. Its most famous healing properties are related to troubles in the digestive tract, strengthening the stomach, and as a general tonic of the women’s reproductive system, relieving menstrual cramps and helping to balance the hormonal cycle. Besides, it also works well as expectorant, tonic of the nervous system, antispasmodic (it can be used to help in treatment of ashtma), antihelmintic and antiseptic. The leaves have been studied for their antibacterial action, being effective against several harmful bacteria.

It works as insect repellent, also in the garden. For that a diluted tea obtained by infusion of the aerial parts is enough to used as spray. The fluffy down-looking thing that grows around the leaves can be harvested and kept in a first aid emergency kit to help light up fires.

It relieves sore feet just by placing the leaves inside the shoes.

It works stimulating the uterus, so this plant must be, at all times, avoided during pregnancy.

Here's a nice video where Lieve Galle, from Wildfoodforager.com explains how to recognize Mugwort:

video (2:05 min): What bitter plants can do for your health


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