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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Miner's Lettuce

Montia perfoliata / Claytonia perfoliata
a.k.a. Winter Purslane

NL: Winterpostelein - F: Pourpier d`hiver

Unlikely many wild greens that are healthy and nutritious, this one has a very pleasant flavour and texture. You can find this perfect salad green in shady and moist places growing freely in many places. They are available all year round but can turn rather bitter in the summer, especially if the plant is growing in a hot dry position. They can be also easily cultivated, not demanding major special care.

Miner’s lettuce is from the Portulacca family, as Purslane, and is therefore also called Winter Purslane. It is a great source of vitamin C, that can enhance our immune system, especially during winter times. 100 grams of miner’s lettuce — about the size of a regular salad — provides a third of our daily needs for Vitamin C. The same portion contains 22 percent of our daily needs Vitamin A, and 10 percent of iron.

It is also a great tonic and spring cleanser, especially in combination with nettles. A poultice of the mashed plants can been used to help relieve pain in rheumatic joints.

For more information and visual identification of this plant, please check out these videos:

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