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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Galinsoga (or Gallant soldiers)

F: Galinsoga - NL: Knopkruid

Galinsoga parviflora
Originally from South America, one can see this plant growing in all kinds of grounds and countries. In temperature zones its green and flowery parts grow from May to October and it can yield large amounts. That makes it a very helpful plant to think of in case of food shortage. It can be eaten raw, in salads and green juices or cooked, having a very mild flavor, which some dare comparing to the taste of artichoke or topinambur.

It can be found from June to October in temperate zones

In South America it is used to spice soups. It can also be dried for winter use, being sprinkled over meals to enrich them.

As a first aid herb it can be used to help treat wounds, cuts, and bites. It can also ease nettle stings. The essential oil extracted from the leaves has shown some antimicrobial activity.

More information and cooking tips on galinsoga and how to differentiate it from a possible toxic look-alike, you can find in the link below:

Galinsoga's Gallant Soldiers

Here is a video where you can have a look at this plant in a more extensive way:

Edible Plants: Galinsoga

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