Healing Weeds - Getting a closer contact with the healing world of herbs and wild plants.

Our Mission

We are living wonderful times, where more and more people are growing awareness on where their food comes from. A large group of people are going through the trouble of rescuing ancient wisdom in order to learn how to live in harmony with nature. Some of that knowledge has been packed together to make its “come-back” as “permaculture”. With the principles of permaculture being widely spread, organic farmers have been upgrading their knowledge to include traditional agriculture practices that naturally bring balance to soil life, helping plants to grow stronger and that by applying less work and less resources.

The more people get to know about the true value of wild plants, the less likely they will be to waste precious time and resources on weeding or polluting the soil spraying the unwanted-plants out of their way. All that trouble to make room for much poorer cultivated edibles.

Enlarging our knowledge on wild plants is to us a small but essential part of that ever-growing wisdom that will allow us to deal more wisely with our environment, with the plant kingdom, with the animals, with our food practices and with ourselves. It brings us two steps closer to this harmony we are all seeking to reach one day.

Our proposal is to share knowledge on:

Identification of most commonly occurring plants, their nutritional content and healing properties.

Survival in emergency situations with the help of plants that are widely available.

Preserving and storing plants (drying methods, pickling, compotes, etc).

Preparing our own healing salves, syrups, tinctures.

What to do when there is no doctor around: getting emergency help from the plants in our immediate surroundings.

The importance of wild plants and herbs in your permaculture practices and food forest gardening.

Traditional techniques that use wild plants in green liquid compost that can be use to enrich the soil as well as to protect cultivated plants from plagues.

How to cook delicious meals exclusively using plants.

Lyra Alves & Martin Hamers