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Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Veronica filiformis
NL: (Draad)ereprijs / F: Véronique filiforme

This plant can be easily recognized from its purplish little flowers that, together with the gorgeous daisies, make grass fields everywhere look like stunning nature creations. 

But speedweel is not only a cute little plant. It is employed in herbal preparations as anti inflammatory, tonic, expectorant and diaphoretic. Speedwell has also diuretic, depurative, liver protective and tonic properties. It is astringent (it contains tannins) and bitter. Many herbalists use it to relieve various types of allergies.

Externally it can be used in ointments to treat skin inflammations, wounds and eczema.

It used to be consumed as a tonic and relaxing tea in England.

There are still some other medicinal uses that have been attributed to speedwell, such as to ease gastrointestinal troubles, rheumatic complaints and even to increase memory, reduce vertigo and to treat depression.

There are various other similar species from the Veronica family, such as Veronica arvensis or V. chamaedrys that have shown similar medicinal properties and that also have similar purple flower.

It is a lovely and great addition to any ecological garden, as ground cover.

Veronica chamaedrys

Veronica officinalis

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