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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

California poppy

Eschscholzia californica
NL: Slaapmutsje / F: Pavot de Californie

This plant makes its appearance spontaneous in many grounds, but luckily its gorgeousness will prevent most people from removing it from their garden. In fact, many people even plant it as an ornamental in their gardens. 

Its seeds are edible, as are the seeds of other family members of this plant (Papaveracea). In traditional medicine it has been employed as sedative, milder than opium, to treat insomnia, without risks of dependency. It is also known for its antidepressant, antihistaminic, antispasmodic and anxyolitic properties. 
Its leaves before flowering

As a muscle relaxant, it helps to relieve some kind of pains. It is also said to relieve toothache, nervous tension, anxiety, panic attacks and to reduce stress. 

California Poppy has also been studied for its effect in improving certain brain functions such as concentration and memory.

It induces sweating and urination, but at the same time it has also been used to treat incontinence. 

Externally it can be used to speed up wound healing, as it has also contains antimicrobial substances.

It should not be used by lactating mothers as it suppresses milk secretion.

It finds its way even in the harshest environments

Here is a video with more practical information on how to grow this herb:

California Poppy, from HerbMentor

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