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Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Yes, you are reading correctly: grass! While most people may be familiar with the “healing powers” of wheat grass, others may even know about barley grass, oatstraw and alfalfa grass, many people still do not realize that the grass they throw away after mowing their lawn is actually food! 

Most grasses are not only edible but they are rich additions to our diets, rich in precious minerals and vitamins. They also have detox properties similarly to wheat grass.

The best way to consume it, is to harvest the young grass - now widely available. Normally if it is within 15 cm it will be easily chewable. 

I use my Z-star manual juicer to get the best of grasses and other fiber-rich edibles. If you do not have a manual juicer, you can still chew a bunch of young grass a long time, swallow its juice and then spit out the fiberish pulp. 

Keep in mind the usual recommendations about finding food in the wild, making sure it is not a place that has been polluted or sprayed with hazardous chemicals. Contamination from animal manure can be countered by a good washing session, soaking them in vinegar for 20 minutes, washing again.

If you are up to a spring time detox week, grass is the way to go! It is already sprouting higher than all the other plants, and you can get plenty of it to load your energy back after a long-dragging winter. Try adding apple juice and lemon juice to it to make it a more pleasant detox. ;-)

Here is a great video where Sergei Boutenko mentions how to use grasses as food in the very beginning of the video:

Wild Food Foraging part 4 - Sergei Boutenko

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